Thursday, February 17, 2011

Its fixed

Apparently we didn't even need the temp. So as I mentioned in my last post, we were thinking of getting the problem fixed. But tinkering is always good, and I thought I might try my hand before we try to find a solution professionally. End result being that I fixed it by myself quite easily after a couple of hours. Even though customer support told me it was to fix it/replace it without a large payment. The big evil corporation? Redmond I say.

On the plus side, we are back to guanning again. Last night. I guess I should tell the other guanners who have yet to hear about it.

Also on the world and (maybe local?) scale, dictators/autocrats/presidents are stepping down. Rebellions all around.

And a guanner project team is apparently getting persecuted for reasons beyond their understanding. Sounds like a conspiracy. But there is proof too. Hypothetically. Saucy little scandal. Hypothetically of course.

And then Facebook. Randomly stumbled on an aspect of its coding. Apparently it keeps track of a lot of information.

Theoretically, a couple of friends were searching and adding a person on Facebook. So there was a Facebook search for the person at about the same time. So you know that Facebook design change which puts a lot of album/pictures on the top right hand corner. One of them noticed it was suggesting the other's albums. Apparently it was doing the same for the other person too. So a quick test with random names repeated a couple of times showed that this logic held. For non-friends ofcourse. Not really important. Potentially what a social network is supposed to do. Still something to think about.


  1. uh, I don't get this! What's Facebook doing?

  2. Also, is that guanner project team story in the daily sun?

  3. No, the guanner project team involves a ruski, and a couple of click sets, you know.