Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Its been a while.

So its been a while. Things have changed. Someone might even be in Europe, I mean you never know. And our main avenue of guanning might have also broken down over the past year.

As usual we did what everyone else does - we hired a temp. But they have a habit of running away with something else, sometimes literally more trouble than they are worth. Ironically thats what allowed me to come up with an update. So things might be a bit more regular here.

I mean we are going to go public soon, another couple of months and most of us will sell out and go our own guanning ways. Until then a few pictures, a couple of updates from us and maybe one from Europe. Oh and we are seriously looking into a potential solution to our guanning problem and before you misunderstand - the problem isn't the guanning, its more the lack thereof.

Don't you hate red rings? Oh and it was warm today. Was. Frigid now though. Can't wait till April.

1 comment:

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